Rainey first encountered yoga as a teenager, discovered her passion for it in her mid-20’s and began teaching more than 15 years ago. For most of her life she has been curious about the great mystery that is life and drawn towards the traditions that help deepen and expound upon it. Her personal journey has given her a sincere appreciation for the tenacity of the body, mind and heart when given space and support to renew and recover.

Rainey offers Living Presence Yoga: an invitation to move with attention, pausing on occasion to listen to what is currently arising, orienting your body in the context of gravity and using organic alignment principles for a profound, safe and lively practice. She is devoted to co-creating a space of wild inquiry with her students. She is deeply influenced by her studies with Susan Harper, Paul Muller-Ortega, Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten. Her decade as a certified Anusara yoga Teacher lay the foundation for her teaching. Rainey is a ERYT-500 certified yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Connect with her at Your Living Presence or Yoga with Rainey on Facebook.