“A vocation is: The place where your deep gladness and the hunger of the world meet.”  ~ Frederick Buechner

Upcoming Info Sessions for our 2019 programs


200-hour & Immersion Programs

  • Sunday, September 16, 2:30-3:30p 
  • Sunday, November 18, 12:30-1:30p 
  • Thursday, December 13, 7:30-8:30p 

200-hour, 300-hour & Immersion Programs

  • Monday, October 22, 7:15-8:30p 

RSVP requested: info@seattleyogaarts.com

Join our modular 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training anytime!

  • Earn your 300 hours through stand-alone modules that you take as you like.
  • Work toward 500-hour RYT certification through Yoga Alliance or take modules independently for your own education and nourishment.
  • Begin the program when it works for you.
  • Learn on your own timeline: study what you want to study, when you want to study it.
  • Study with experts in their fields.
  • Take up to four years to earn your 300 hours.
  • Some classes are open to everyone; other classes open only to teachers, teachers in training, and teacher wannabes.
  • Receive discounted classes at SYA during the first year of your training. You'll pay only $10 per class.
  • Let us know what you’d like to learn; we’ll create a module around it!

Why study with us?

Seattle Yoga Arts is renowned as a studio of depth and excellence in teaching and our core faculty are among the most respected teachers in the Northwest. Since we began our Teacher Training program in 1998, we have trained some of the most beloved teachers in Seattle and beyond. We have had the time and experience to refine our program and we continually refresh our training with current and vital concepts that enhance your potency as a yogi and as a teacher.

Our core faculty members were trained in Anusara yoga and understand that method deeply. We also honor and source the best from the fields of physical therapy, kinesiology, therapeutics, etc. We have a commitment to including the stream of Tantric teaching in our philosophy, while also continually revisiting the root texts of the yoga tradition.

We believe that being a yoga teacher is an honor, a privilege and a never-ending path of growth and service. We have seen over and over that yoga changes lives and know that being part of that evolution is sacred.

Lead Faculty: Denise BenitezClaudette Evans, Ellen BoyleAmy (Reed) Aarabi, Bianca Raffety

Upcoming Modules

brain neuroscience 2.jpg

Saturday, Sept 22, 1:00-6:00p

Hours: 5.0*
Includes 1.5 hours of integrated Practicum

How to Speak Somatically: The Neurobiologically-Informed Classroom

with Denise Benitez

The body has its own wisdom. In yoga, we hear this phrase a lot and believe it to be true. But how do we learn to listen to the body, communicate with its innate intelligence and then convey this process to our students? How do we teach to this truth?

We can assume that at least half the students in any of our classes are struggling with something emotionally challenging. Often this is what brings them to yoga. We can focus on strengthening the body's system for recognizing and regulating distress. You can "wire up" your class so your students’ bodies, and your own, become more resilient and less reactive.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • An introduction to basic brain structures
  • How muscles hold and release emotion
  • How the skin, belly brain, and heart brain function in yoga practice
  • The difference between right brain and left brain processing
  • How implicit memory affects perception, sensation and impulse
  • The polyvagal theory and why focused attunement with another person can shift emotional states
  • The window of tolerance – the intensity of feeling we can experience while still maintaining a connection with practice or with another
  • How yoga class can be a co-regulating environment
  • How your non-verbal communication affects your students

Hours: 5.0 (includes 1.5 hours of practicum)

$110 Early bird through Sept 16
$125 Full price Sept 17 & after


Please plan carefully: Refunds of 90% are granted up to 5 days prior to the workshop start; after which, no refunds are given.

sleeping buddha.jpeg

Friday, Oct 12, 1:30-7:30p
Saturday, Oct 13, 1:30-8:00p
Sunday, Oct 14, 11:00am-4:00p

Hours: 17.5*
Includes 6.0 hours of integrated Practicum

*This training includes an opportunity to add on a 3.0 hour mentorship with Nicole Bratt. Full details below on the right. Please note that the mentorship requires a separate registration.

Restorative Yoga: Advanced Techniques for Teaching the Art of Stillness

with Nicole Bratt & Claudette Evans

“Restorative poses can be adapted to the student instead of the student trying to fit [themselves] into the shape and demands of an active yoga pose. Restorative yoga is about opening, not stretching. No matter what condition you are in, it is virtually always possible to find a position of ease that supports you in consciously letting go and resting.” ~Judith Hanson Lasater

Enrich your skill with teaching the art of deep relaxation, Restorative yoga, during this advanced experiential training. The weekend is designed for yoga teachers who have taken a Restorative Yoga teacher training in the past, been teaching Restorative yoga for at least 6 months, or students who’ve had a regular Restorative yoga practice for at least a year.

During these three days, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the biological and psychological benefits of Restorative yoga
  • Refine your understanding of how intentional sequencing can meet a desired goal or outcome for your students
  • Hone your proficiency with theming for a Restorative class
  • Learn advanced Restorative postures and how to provide options to meet individual needs
  • Practice teach what you’ve learned with feedback
  • Expand your existing hands-on repertoire for assisting students in these poses

$395 Early bird pricing through Sept 30
$465 Full price October 1 & after


Restorative Yoga Mentorship

with Nicole Bratt

This add-on mentorship opportunity is designed as an accompaniment to Claudette & Nicole's 300-hour Teacher Training module, Restorative Yoga: Advanced Teachniques for Teaching the Art of Stillness. The mentorship includes one (1) 75-minute Restorative yoga class observation, one (1) 75-minute Restorative class assistantship, and a one-hour in-person meeting with Nicole Bratt, E-RYT 200/RYT 500, YACEP, Relax & Renew certified.

  • You will schedule your mentorship sessions with Nicole; she will contact you directly. You must be available Sunday evenings for the observation and assistantship sessions; we're sorry, no exceptions.
  • Upon completion, you'll earn you 3.0 additional Contact Hours.
  • Mentorship must be completed by January 31, 2019.

Capacity is limited to 6 mentees.

Tuition: $90

Please note: Only students who have take a prior Restorative yoga teacher training with Nicole are eligible for this mentorship.


Please plan carefully: Refunds of 90% are granted up to 5 days prior to the workshop start; after which, no refunds are given.

300-hour Teacher Training Overview


Two Ways to Join:

1.  Working toward certification through Yoga Alliance?  

Fill out & send us the application form, along with a $100 deposit. ($50 of this application fee goes towards your first 300-hour TT module.)

Mail to: Seattle Yoga Arts, 1540 15th Ave, Seattle WA 98122, or email us the application at nicole@seattleyogaarts.com and call the studio at 206-440-3191 to pay the application fee by credit card. 

For more information, download a detailed breakdown of requirements for certification through Yoga Alliance. Upon registering you will receive tools with which to track your hours.

2.  Just taking classes for your own education? 

No need to send in an application. Simply register online for the modules of your choice.



2018 Year-Long Course

January through December (Two meetings per month)
Living Yoga: A Year of Deepening & Awakening – Ellen Boyle

2018 Module Overview

January 20
Complex Relationships: Ethical Nuances in the Seat of the Yoga Teacher – Bianca Raffety

February 10-11
Applied Psychology for Yoga: Emotional Literacy for Yoga Teachers – Amy Reed & Livia Shapiro

March 9-11
Trauma Informed Yoga: Teaching to Create Space for Healing and Growth – Bianca Raffety

April 22
How to Design and Teach an Intro to Yoga Series – Beth Award

May 11-13
Teaching Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Students – Jaime Waliczek

June 23-24
Weaving the Subtle Body into Yoga Class: An Immersion into the Koshas and the Chakras(with Integrated Practicum) – Ellen Boyle

July 21
Yoga for Parkinson's with Applications for Other Movement Disorders (with Integrated Practicum) – Peter Lynch

September 22
How to Speak Somatically: The Neurobiologically-Informed Classroom – Denise Benitez

October 12-14
Restorative Yoga: Advanced Techniques for Teaching the Art of Stillness (with Integrated Practicum) with Restorative Yoga Mentorship option – Nicole Bratt & Claudette Evans

November 10-11
Breath Intelligence for Strength & Ease – Susan Grote

December 7-9
The Art of Sequencing & Practicum – Alia Swersky